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The Team
  • Tomasz Stachewicz

    Tomasz Stachewicz

    Ruby developer since 2005, went pro in 2007. Likes less-popular languages, especially D. Founder of Warsaw Ruby Users Group.

  • Piotr Szotkowski

    Piotr Szotkowski

    Professional Ruby developer for fun, assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology by passion – or the other way around. Awesome at both.

  • Krzysztof Białek

    Krzysztof Białek

    Psychologist who prefers working with code over other people minds. Besides Ruby he specializes in Android apps and responsive CSS.

  • Łukasz Sarnacki

    Łukasz Sarnacki

    Ruby and Javascript professional, Łukasz likes unusual databases (Neo4j, Postgis) and contributes to Rails, Travis-CI and other OS projects.

  • Katarzyna Turbiasz-Bugała

    Katarzyna Turbiasz-Bugała

    Expert in search engines and Rails Girls alumnae, Katarzyna uses her years of experience as a researcher to turboboost her Ruby skills.

  • Rafał Piekarski

    Rafał Piekarski

    Worked for a decade as professional rubyist, with experience including information retrieval systems, concurrent programming and JRuby.

  • Kamil Grabowski

    Kamil Grabowski

    Devops expert (Ansible, Docker) who codes in Ruby since 2008 after his share of x86 assembler, C and PHP.

  • Monika Glier

    Monika Glier

    Web developer with a knack for algorithms and data structures. Judgemental about code, in a good way.

  • Kasia Jarmołkowicz

    Kasia Jarmołkowicz

    Rails Girls organiser and activist. Switched from microbiology to microcomputer programming.

  • Marcin Ciunelis

    Marcin Ciunelis

    Experienced Ruby developer by day, at night contributes to open-source (since 2008), blogs about coding, runs and hikes in the mountains.

  • Krzysztof Zych

    Krzysztof Zych

    10 years of experience spanning from C to Python to Ruby, still experimenting with new languages. Undercover unix neckbeard and amateur drummer.

  • Marcin Gajewski

    Marcin Gajewski

    Brewer of high quality code. Likes working with big data sets and distributed architectures.

  • Rafał Brize

    Rafał Brize

    Expert in javascript, ecommerce and integrations with even the worst kinds of APIs.

  • Wojciech Majewski

    Wojciech Majewski

    Self-taught developer with extensive experience, great Ruby skills, soft spot for clojure and programming sound synthesizers.

  • Adrian Woźniak

    Adrian Woźniak

    Full-time Ruby developer since 2012, Adrian codes in many languages, including C and Lua. Fan of functional programming and immutable data structures.

  • Bartek Rogalski

    Bartek Rogalski

    Ruby and JavaScript developer focused on Ember.js, with extensive professional experience in QA.

  • Adam Okoń

    Adam Okoń

    Passionate polyglot software engineer, open source enthusiast, co-organizer of Tricity Ruby User Group, with a soft spot for Elixir language.

  • Krzysztof Wawer

    Krzysztof Wawer

    Full-time Ruby developer and open source contributor since 2011, a true expert in everything backend-related.

  • Aneta Woźniak

    Aneta Woźniak

    Knitting code in both Ruby and Python and enjoying every minute of it.

  • Piotr Szmielew

    Piotr Szmielew

    Professional Ruby developer since 2009, teacher, open-source contributor, Crystal language enthusiast.

  • Sebastian Skopp

    Sebastian Skopp

    Professional rubyist since 2012, loves developing early-stage startups.

  • Basia Litwińska

    Basia Litwińska

    Ember.js and Rails expert since 2014, fan of trains, especially EN57 in "Tiger" paint scheme.

  • Marek Święcicki

    Marek Święcicki

    Expert in all things JavaScript, including Node, Angular and React. With considerable Python experience thrown in the mix.

  • Marcin Drozd

    Marcin Drozd

    Ruby developer, who likes tinkering with other technologies, became a programmer because of the love for learning, problem-solving and creating.

  • Filip Bartuzi

    Filip Bartuzi

    Absolutely passionate about Ruby and JS technology. Working on software craftsmanship since 2012.

  • Laura Paakkinen

    Laura Paakkinen

    Ruby developer.

  • Kamila Wyroślak

    Kamila Wyroślak

    "Programmers and programming projects are easy to take care of when you have experience with freight ships being on fire in the middle of an ocean."

  • Łukasz Rzewuski

    Łukasz Rzewuski

    The Manager of this happy bunch.

  • Hermes The Pug

    Hermes the Pug

    Senior Sleeping Specialist. His hobby is mainly binge-eating and hugging

  • Tościk The Corgi

    Tościk the Corgi

    Junior Biting Specialist.

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