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Looking for top-notch Ruby and JavaScript programmers? Choose world-class developers with impressive open-source record. Choose direct communication over managemental overhead. Choose paying for actual work done. Cut off all the fat. Choose Rebased.

The R-Team

  • Bernard Potocki

    Imanel: Bernard Potocki

    Open-source contributor since high school, his days of everyday C++ coding. Besides full-time professional programming, he still contribues to open-source (now mostly to Ruby and JavaScript projects) and maintains an impressive portfolio.

  • Tomasz Stachewicz

    Tomash: Tomasz Stachewicz

    Years of professional Ruby on Rails development, numerous open-source projects and contributions, founding and maintenance of Warsaw Ruby Users Group, decent communication skills. Still calling himself “just a coder”.

  • Piotr Szotkowski

    Chastell: Piotr Szotkowski

    Professional Ruby developer for fun, assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology by passion – or the other way around. Awesome at both.

  • Łukasz Adamczak

    Czak: Łukasz Adamczak

    Ruby developer with many years of experience under his belt, portfolio that includes even some iOS applications, exceptional sense of usability and end-user value.

  • Łukasz Pełszyński

    Detomastah: Łukasz Pełszyński

    Ruby developer since 2007, open-source enthusiast since many more years, Łukasz began contributing to open-source only recently, but already with a broad set of languages and technologies. His Github account includes not only Ruby-based projects, but also some C, C++ and Haskell ones.

  • Krzysztof Białek

    Zły: Krzysztof Białek

    Psychologist by education, Krzysztof prefers working with code over other people minds (way less messy). Hobbyist Ruby user since 2009, he went pro two years later.

  • Krzysztof Modras

    Chrmod: Krzysztof Modras

    Being a professional Ruby developer since 2006 (back when Rails was at version 1.1) makes Krzysztof probably the "oldest" rubyist at Rebased. After a short (but fruitful!) career at developing and managing custom search engines, he returned to full-time professional Ruby & Rails development, combining deep technical expertise with business experience.

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